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Organic, Pure, limited production artisan honey from the mountains of Crete is now available to buy in the UK from Houmeli.

The unique, PDO, rich in natural flavor and aromas Cretan thyme and pine honey is produced by the same apiarist in Crete for the last thirty years, following traditional honey processing methods. 

Unlike many industrialized honeys, the honey packed and distributed by Houmeli is sweet without any extra sugar or cheaper honeys added. The centuries-old artisan honey production techniques certify that Houmeli pure Cretan honey keeps all its healthy nutritive values full and undivided, continuing a dietary tradition dating back to the Minoan era. 

Ever since those times, honey has been an integral part of Cretan alimentation and a focal nutrient of the beneficial Mediterranean diet. Ancient medical doctor Hippocrates, who is considered the founder of modern medicine as a rational science, first claimed that honey has healing properties and often introduced it as a medicine. 

Today, we know that honey is a powerful antioxidant food which demonstrates anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action. It can increase athletic performance, it reduces cough and throat irritation. Rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, pure honey is a healthy everyday sweetener suitable and recommended both for adults and children. 

Try it as a bread spread with your breakfast, on its own or with tahini, or include it to your meals as a power dessert mixed with yogurt, cinnamon and nuts.

Houmeli was named after the Cretan word "Houmeli", used to describe the bee product which derives by boiling the honeycomb itself. Modern-day Cretans still use the word to express that something tastes really sweet. 

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